Saturday, March 20, 2010


The bloggers meet organized by and sponsored by Univercell was a great success. Around 250 bloggers from different places and writing blogs in different languages has met at one place and exchanged views on blogging and discussed about the future of macro blogging. I was thrilled to note when one of the blogger told that in a few years from now people will start totally depending on blogs for news and events.

In the meet everyone expressed their own feeling on why they are interested in blogging and how this new media will help them in future. LOOK HERE FOR SOME OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN DURING THE MEET.

I enjoyed being in the meet and learned many things.

I take this opportunity to thank for arranging this blogger’s meet and in particular the sponsor Univercell for providing their support to the meet. My special thanks to the press and TV media which covered the meet and later published the news today.


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