Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Scientists claimed to have developed a slimming pill that can burn off as many calories as 80 minutes of walk or a 25-minute jog, while you sit.

The pill -- Capsiplex -- which is made from hot peppers and capsicum, utilises the weight-loss potential of red-hot peppers.

Chilli and capsicum help speed up the metabolism, thus, helping people lose weight more rapidly. However, consuming these chillies or their extract in large quantities causes irritation as these are unbearably hot.

The scientists overcame this problem while developing the capsule. The pill eats up the calories without causing any irritation, the Daily Mail reported.

"For decades, scientists have known about the weight-loss potential of red-hot peppers. The problem has been the ability to consume such a highly concentrated amount, but we have overcome this by putting a protective coating on the ingredients which stops any gastric irritation," a spokesman for Capsiplex said.

"At last we have a safe and healthy supplement to help weight loss," the spokesman added.

Trials of the pill conducted at University of Oklahoma in US showed adults taking Capsiplex burned off 278 more calories before, during and after a bout of exercise than those on placebos.

The pill is already in use in the US. Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Britney Spears are known to have used the pill.


Who could have thought that there would be a survey to prove people guilty of giving in to temptations! But here it is and it has marked December Dec 29 people ‘most guilty’ about their indulgences.

29 as the day when people feel most guilty about giving into their indulgences over the last 12 months.

Loan Underwood, a health expert at Fitness TV which conducted the poll, asked a panel of 2,000 adults to pinpoint a moment of maximum embarrassment over their excesses, including eating, drinking and times spent in front of the TV.

More than 40 per cent felt that the day in the middle of the festive season i.e. four days after Christmas and three days before New Year was the ‘guiltiest’ time of the year.

"This year has been a difficult one for many so Christmas has been a real opportunity for people to let their hair down and indulge,” the Telegraph quoted Underwood as saying.

"And with the festive season starting even earlier, the constant invites for post work drinks, parties and treats at home mean exercise routines go out the window.

"This has left people feeling that they have a mountain to climb to get back in shape in 2010, making December 29 the day we feel most guilty about our indulgences.

"Exercise is the perfect way to ditch those feelings of remorse and feel great again," Underwood added.


A US court has ordered shutdown of three H-1B opposition Web sites -- ITgrunt.com, Endh1b.com, and Guestworkerfraud.com.

According to a news report in ComputerWorld, a New Jersey judge has also sought information about the identity of anonymous posters on the sites.

The Judge James Hurley also ordered firms that register domains and provide hosting services -- GoDaddy Inc, Network Solutions, Comcast Cable Communications and DiscountASP.Net, to disable the three sites. Facebook was also asked to disable ITgrunt's Facebook page.

Hurley's order was reportedly made in response to a libel lawsuit filed by IT services and consulting firm Apex Technology Group, based in Edison, New Jersey, against the three Web sites opposing the H-1B visa programme.

The company is seeking the identity of a person who posted an Apex employment agreement on Docstoc.com, that has since been removed. A link to the document and comments critical of it has been posted on a variety of Web sites, including at least one in India, on Desicrunch.com says the news story.

The comment is said to claim that employees will find it difficult to leave Apex because of its contract terms. Apex, in one legal filing, said the allegations by the anonymous posters are false and defamatory, and are hurting the company. In the filing, Apex is said to have mentioned that it has had three consultants refuse to report for employment as a result of these postings. Apex said it is also seeking "contact details of the individual who posted this legal agreement without permission since we are the copyright owner of the legal document."

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