Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ainan Cawley, an eight-year-old British prodigy, is thought to be world's cleverest children.Ainan Cawley, who lives in Singapore with his expatriate family, is studying chemistry at college. He passed a GCSE at the age of seven.Ainan was crawling when he was four months old, walking two months later and started to read at eight months.He can recite Pi - the number starting 3.14 that gives the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter - to 518 decimal places. He also knows the periodic table by heart."He has loads of friends his own age and plays games .. But he relates to adults as easily. He is a child very driven to explore and understand things, especially science," the Sun quoted Ainan's dad Valentine Cawley, as saying.Ainan will be featured in a documentary, The World's Cleverest Child and Me, on Channel 4 on Wednesday.


A Muslim body in this Uttar Pradesh ( India) asked the authorities not to bury in Indian soil two alleged Pakistani terrorists, who were killed in a shootout with the police .
In its memorandum to the district magistrate and the police chief, All India Mili Tanzim Alfaiz (AIMTA) said it would not allow the government to bury the bodies of the terrorists in India.
The Muslim body said the authorities had sufficient evidence to prove that the terrorists were Pakistanis.
The two suspected terrorists were killed in a shootout by the Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) of the Uttar Pradesh police.


In a swift victory for President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled House approved a historically huge $819 billion stimulus bill Wednesday night with spending increases and tax cuts at the heart of the young administration's plan to revive a badly ailing economy. The vote was 244-188, with Republicans unanimous in opposition despite Obama's frequent pleas for bipartisan support."This recovery plan will save or create more than three million new jobs over the next few years," the president said in a written statement released moments after the House voted. Still later, he welcomed congressional leaders of both parties to the White House for drinks as he continued to lobby for the legislation.The vote sent the bill to the Senate, where debate could begin as early as Monday on a companion measure already taking shape. Democratic leaders have pledged to have legislation ready for Obama's signature by mid-February.With unemployment at its highest level in a quarter-century, the banking industry wobbling despite the infusion of staggering sums of bailout money and states struggling with budget crises, Democrats said the legislation was desperately needed.


A regular and intense three-minute workout can do wonders in boosting your metabolism, says a new study.According to Professor James Timmons, who worked with a team of researchers from Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, Scotland, brief high-intensity exercises repeated in every couple of days may significantly take down the risk of diabetes.It was found that there was a significant effect on their body's ability to process sugars.He said, "The risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type two diabetes is substantially reduced through regular physical activity. Unfortunately, many people feel they simply don't have the time to follow current exercise guidelines."What we have found is that doing a few intense muscle exercises, each lasting only about 30 seconds, dramatically improves your metabolism in just two weeks."He added "This novel approach may help people to lead a healthier life, improve the future health of the population and save the health service millions of pounds simply by making it easier for people to find the time to exercise".The research was published in the open access journal BMC Endocrine Disorders.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A new digital plague has hit the Internet, infecting millions of personal computers in what seems to be the first step of a multistage attack. The world’s leading computer security experts do not yet know who programmed the infection, or what the next stage will be. Known as Conficker or Downadup the worm has swept through corporate, educational and public computer networks around the world.

We Chennaites here (India) are in for a surprise this Valentine’ day (February 14). That day our city is hosting a mass run titled ‘RUN 4 LOVE’ in which thousands of people will be participating.
“You can call it run therapy. Our attempt is to send the message that love is not just a feeling blossoming between a man and woman. We want to promote the feeling of love among all people.” says the organizer of this mass run.
It was informed that many celebrities have confirmed their participation in the mass run.
“Valentine day is not the exclusive domain of young lovers. We want the entire society to understand the wonderful power of love so that the earth will become a heaven. Let all days in our life be Valentine days.” “This is the message of this mass run” said the organizer.


Faced with writing a school report one student began where many students begin these days: by searching the Internet. But this student didn’t use Google. He searched for information on YouTube
He found some videos that gave him pretty good information about what he wants. Similarly he gets stuck on one his favorite games on the Wii, he searched YouTube for tips on how to move forward. And when he want to explore the ins and outs of collecting Bakugan Battle Brawlers cards, which are linked to a Japanese anime television series, he went to YouTube again.
The explosion of all types of video content on YouTube and other sites is quickly transforming online video from a medium strictly for entertainment and news in to one that is also a reference tool. “There are an increasing number of people who are doing video searches to supplement and improve what they do in their offline lives” said the Chief executive of Blinkx, a video search engine.
YouTube, conceived as a video hosting and sharing site, has become a bonafide search tool. In November, Americans conducted nearly 2.8 billion searches on YouTube, about 200 million more than on Yahoo, according to COM Score. This startling statistic prompted Alex Iskold, the founder and chief executive of, a web star-up, to ask in a blog post, “Is YouTube the next Google?” In other words, is YouTube effective as a mainstream search engine?

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Patients suffering from ailments of the heart, liver and kidney can now counter the side-effects of the medicines they have to take, says a Chennai (India) based biochemist.
Professor P. Varalakshmi, formerly from the department of medical biochemistry, University of Madras, said the serious side-effects caused by drugs given for many ailments could be controlled by lipoic acid and lubeol, two bulk drugs.
“Most of the medicines prescribed for heart, kidney and liver ailments have toxic side effects. The free radicals generated in the body by these medicines damage bio-molecules like proteins, lipids and nucleic acids,” says the professor who has been honored with the lifetime achievement award for women in 2007 by the Tamilnadu Government (India).
The professor told that through sustained research for more than two decades she found that these toxic side effects could be over-come by giving anti-oxidants like vitamin C, Vitamin E, and lipolic acid.
Drugs like gentamycin, adramycin, cyclosporine-A adversely affect heart, kidney and liver. Lipoic acid has powerful anti-oxidant potential and this has been recognized internationally.
She is believed to be the first scientist to report about the anti-oxidant capabilities of lubeol, a drug prepared from plants.
Though lipoic acid has hit the shelves, lubeol is yet to complete clinical trails

George, a Jack Russell terrier that died saving five children being attacked by pit bulls in New Zealand two years ago, is to get Britain’s highest award for animal bravery. The award was introduced by the people’s Dispensary for Sick Animals of the Poor in 2001.

There is a ray of hope for those fighting the battle of the bulge, with a “PILL” that stops the body from absorbing some of the fat food set to go on sale.
Obesity has become one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century with rates of adult and childhood obesity increasing. The anti-obesity pill, which works by preventing the stomach absorbing fat and this fat passes out of the body as waste, has shown that volunteers who took it with every meal shed an average of 10 lb after six months, the Evening Standard reported.
Dieters are advised to eat low fat foods, this is because Alli, half-strength version of the prescription-only drug Xenical, works by stopping the body from absorbing about a quarter of the fat in food.
The tabloid, tests showed that a short course of the pill improves overall health by lowering blood pressure and cutting cholesterol levels.
Alli, has been approved for sale in Britain without a prescription for the first time.

Those dangerously over-weight will be able to buy the drug over the counter from chemists after a decision from the European medicines watchdog.
It is the most extensively studied weight loss drug in the world and is proven to help people lose weight and feel better about themselves, Glaxo’s US health care division quoted.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In what could be seen as a boon to Indians wishing to come to the US, the new Obama Administration's proposed immigration policy favours increase in the number of the legal immigrants in the country. Governmental statistics in the past have indicated that Indians are mostly legal immigrants.
"Fix the dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy and increase the number of legal immigrants to keep families together and meet the demand for jobs that employers cannot fill," according to the White House document that outlines the Immigration Agenda of the new Administration. "Our broken immigration system can only be fixed by putting politics aside and offering a complete solution that secures our border, enforces our laws, and reaffirms our heritage as a nation of immigrants," Obama says in the paper.
The agenda document also promises to remove incentives to enter the country illegally by cracking down on employers who hire undocumented immigrants. The Obama Administration would also support a system that allows undocumented immigrants, who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens.
Delivering a speech on the floor of the Senate on May 23, 2007, then as the US Senator, Obama, who was sworn in as President yesterday, had said: "The time to fix our broken immigration system is now.We need stronger enforcement on the border and at the workplace."But for reform to work, we also must respond to what pulls people to America.Where we can reunite families, we should.Where we can bring in more foreign-born workers with the skills our economy needs, we should.

Even India grumble about the country’s dismal doctor-patient ratio (approximately 1:1,700) Chennai City in India remains the ‘Mecca of healthcare’ for international patients.
Be it cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty (nose jobs), breast enhancements and liposuction or life saving cardio thoracic surgeries, liver and renal transplants, corporate hospitals here deliver high quality service at a fraction of what it costs in the rest of the world.
But it is not just the cost benefit that drives sick people to travel several thousand miles for their medical needs.
A Leading Dermatologist says eighty of his patients come from the US and Middle East seeking treatment for vitiligo. Though most of them can afford treatment anywhere, they come here as they are asked to wait for six to eight months in their native countries, due to shortage of hospitals offering the procedure.
One patient said that he has travelled to Germany, France and the US for his health needs, but prefer India (Chennai) by far the most hospitable, affordable and efficient place.
Surgeries like rhinoplasty and breast enlargements that would cost between $ 5000 and $ 10,000 are available in India at $1200 and $2000. While follow up is necessary 10 days after the surgery, the case is monitored through tele-consultation three months, and then, six months later.

All work and no play make jack a dull boy. Everyone knows this saying. But the people who are taking this seriously and doing something about this are the corporates. In fact, they are going one step ahead……they are using games to recruit staff, improve communication between various levels of staff as well as improve competencies and skills of employees and new recruits at all levels.
These games, both computer and physical, focus on specific and intentional learning outcomes which lead to serious, measurable, long-lasting changes in both performance and behaviour. All over the globe, companies such as McKinsey, Royal Philips electronics, Johnson & Johnson and McDonalds are resorting to games with high-end computer graphics.
Physical activities, management games, simulations. Experimental exercises…..a blend of all this is being used to mould employees. Some of the popular games are Crossing the Mine Field, Spider Web, Retrieval of Explosive, Trust Fall and Bureaucracy.


Stepping into history, Barack Obama grasped the reins of power as America's first black president on Tuesday, saying the nation must choose "hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord" to overcome the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

In frigid temperatures, an exuberant crowd of more than a million packed the National Mall and parade route to celebrate Obama's inauguration in a high-noon ceremony. They filled the National Mall, stretching from the inaugural platform at the U.S. Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial in the distance.
"Our time of standing pat, of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions - that time has surely passed, starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin the work of remaking America." Obama said.

Monday, January 19, 2009


We are eagerly awaiting the swearing in ceremony of Obama on January 20, 2009, as most of us feel Obama will make a good president and will be capable of handling the challenges ahead of him. We also believe that his presidency will bring in the much-needed change in American leadership and will have a global effect.

Though there are some serious challenges ahead of him like the economic downturn, war in Iraq & Afghanistan and even environmental issues that need immediate attention, we know it will be a difficult in the immediate future. But we are sure he will be able to face it and emerge successful because we feel Obama is fully equipped to face it.

More than three-quarters of US citizens consider Barack Obama's inauguration as US president Tuesday as one of the most significant in the history of the country, according to a poll released Monday by Gallup institute.

Barack Obama called Monday on a nation reeling from economic crisis and war to march together in the spirit of Martin Luther King as he prepared to take office as America’s 44th President.

“Tomorrow, we will come together as one people on the same mall where Dr.King’s dream echoes still” Obama said 24 hours before his inauguration, as he marked the national holiday commemorating the slain civil right hero’s birth.

“As we do, we recognize that here in America, our destinies are inextricably linked,” he said in a statement. “We resolve that as we walk, we must walk together. And as we go forward in the work of renewing the promise of this nation, let’s remember King’s lesson…….that our separate dreams are really one.”

Obama’s call for a new spirit of national sacrifice will figure heavily in his inaugural address after he is sworn in around noon Tuesday, as he gets to grips with the nation’s longest recession since World War II.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two days from the White House, President-elect Barack Obama joined a vast throng Sunday at a joyous pre-inauguration celebration staged among marble monuments to past heroes. "Anything is possible in America," declared the man who will confront economic crisis and two wars when he takes office."Despite the enormity of the task that lies ahead, I stand here today as hopeful as ever that the United States of America will endure — that it will prevail, that the dream of our founders will live on in our time," the president-elect said at the conclusion of a musical extravaganza that featured U2, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen and a host of other stars.Obama and his family held the seats of honor at the event, and a crowd of tens of thousands spilled from the base of the Lincoln Memorial toward the Washington Monument several blocks away in the cold, gray afternoon of mid-January.It was the high point of a full day of pre-inaugural events that included a wreath-laying at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery and a morning church service where children recalled the life of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.Obama's motorcade drew ever-larger crowds as the day wore on and he and his wife, Michelle, and their children Sasha and Malia crisscrossed the city.

“Satyam fraud would hardly have any significant impact” ….interacting with the students of MET School (Mumbai) the US Consul General Paul A Folmsbee said. He also dismissed fears that there are no employment opportunities for Indians in the recession-hit US, the world’s largest economy.“Indian-Americans are like an engine of growth for us. There will be increase in opportunities for 3-4 million Indian population in US,” he said. Mr.Folmsbee said recession is a temporary phase that will be corrected by itself. “When something like a recession happens the economy corrects itself. We don’t have the time frame for its recovery but it may take up to 2-3 years.” India’s chance of being affected by the crisis was minimal as it was hardly an export-based economy.

Can't remember phone numbers or worried about an upcoming examination? Fret not. The solution will be simple soon – just pop a pill.
Yes, if scientists are to be believed, a "memory pill" that could aid exam revision and help to prevent people from forgetting important anniversaries may soon be available over the counter.
Though the medicine has been designed originally to help treat Alzheimer's patients, according to the scientists, it could be adapted and licensed for sale in a weaker form within the next few years.
In fact, one brand of memory-enhancing pill is being developed by multinational giant AstraZeneca in collaboration with American company Targacept, while Epix Pharmaceuticals, also from the US, is developing another. Both have "cognitive-enhancing effects" that are aimed at treating patients with age-related memory loss.
Steven Ferris, a neurologist and former committee member of the Food and Drug Administration in the US, has predicted that a milder version will be available for healthy consumers as a "lifestyle pill" available over the counter. "My view is that one could gain approval, provided you showed the drugs to be effective and safe. It could be a huge market," Dr Ferris said.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Possible to deliver insulin with the help of salivary protein.Scientists are on track to develop insulin chewing gum whereby it would be possible deliver insulin in to the blood stream with the help of salivary protein.Diabetes, a metabolic disorder where in human body does not produce or properly uses insulin has increased steadily in the last five decades.Insulin is required to convert sugar, starches, and other food into energy. Researchers have for long trying to find simpler ways to deliver insulin into the blood stream in an effort to tackle the diabetes problem sweeping in the globe.Now, Robert Doyle, a chemist at Syracuse University in New York State, has a potential solution. Based on successful tests, Doyle suggests binding insulin molecules to vitamin B12 so that it can hitch a ride on this protected supply chain.This insulin could ride all the way into the blood stream, where it is released to do its work, the NEW SCIENTIST online reported. Chewing would ensure a plentiful supply of saliva, providing the protein needed for the insulin to make its way into the bloodstream.


From Arabian Nights to Harry Potter, magical cloaks have always generated an air of wonder and awe, but now they may not remain a myth as scientists claim to have developed one such device which can make an object, it covers, invisible.A team of researchers from Duke University in North Carolina, US, have claimed that their latest device can make an object go invisible.


Foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday made it plain that India would not let Pakistan get away without acting against those responsible for the Mumbai attacks, and dismissed as unconvincing and unacceptable Islamabad's response so far.
In an exclusive interview to a leading News Channel, he said that India needs to see concrete action and that a mere window dressing would just not do. "Pakistan's response has to be one which can convince us that Pakistan is ready to tackle terrorism seriously. We don't want a repetition of what happened after the Parliament attack (when Pakistan gave commitments which it did not fulfill)," said the minister who is seen as leading the country's response to the Mumbai attacks.
The Congress stalwart dismissed as unconvincing Pakistan's reported action of shutting down five Jamaat-ud-Dawa camps and detaining 120-odd terrorists belonging to Lashkar-e-Taiba and other groups, and insisted that India needs proof.
He made no bones of his scepticism of the latest claims from Pakistan, pointing out that such "bans" tended to be half-baked. "If an organization is banned, is it possible to have part of its activities considered undesirable? I read that their charities will not be affected. If an organization is banned, all practices must be banned," said the veteran minister.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh likes to say India should aim to be a "knowledge superpower". Unfortunately, a number of studies show India is falling behind in achieving this otherwise exemplary goal.
Both the CII-Insead Global Innovation Index and the World Bank's latest Knowledge Economy Index indicate this slippage is happening because other countries are doing more to collect and develop the ingredients for innovation. Innovation is a cycle by which new ideas are created and converted into economically useful products and concepts.
At a time when capital and labour are available on tap, it is innovation that increasingly separates top-rung nations from the rest. India's innovative abilities have traditionally been held back by two obvious and glaring bottlenecks: a poor literacy rate and an abysmal physical infrastructure.
But the Global Innovation Index shows that other drags, and ones which could be addressed more quickly than the other two issues, are university-industry research collaboration and the overall state of government innovation. Indian universities, even the much-touted Indian Institutes of Technology, produce little when it comes to research and development.
The universities have been unable to scale up either the quantity or quality of their students - and the human resource ministry has shown itself unable to think beyond the prevailing and failing education model. At least the green shoots of a competitive innovation culture are beginning to emerge in India's private sector, notably in pharmaceuticals.
But it is sobering to see countries like Qatar and Kuwait, let alone Brazil and China, rate much higher in the knowledge sweepstakes and move faster up the ladder than India. The silver lining is that a recent Hewitt Associates study shows that India, as usual, straddles both ends of the spectrum.
While south and north-western India are knowledge-empowered, eastern and northern India are areas of darkness. A new national innovation bill is pending.
However, this cannot exist in isolation. It is the lack of broader structural reforms in education, infrastructure, even finance and intellectual property, that need to be addressed.


In the midst of all those victory claims by the Sri Lankan Army Chief Lt General Sarath Fonseka scaling up his war against the LTTE in north Lanka and the spirited proclamations by his President, Mahinda Rajpaksa, promising that the Tamils in Island would soon be liberated from the ‘terrorists’, a well-known astro-consultant insists that the Tiger Chief Velupillai Prabhakaran will surrender ‘very soon’.

K.K. Theventhra Rajh insists that his prediction is “strictly based on planetary positions” and has nothing to do with his being President Rajpaksa’s personal astrologer. It’s true that President consults me frequently on important issues and all my predictions have come true.


A British ice-skater has given birth to a baby two days after dying of a brain hemorrhage. Ice-skating coach Jayne Soliman (41) collapsed and died from brain hemorrhage but doctors at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading managed her heart beating long enough to deliver Aya Jayne by Caesarean section.

Jayne was given big doses of steroids to help the child’s lungs develop and within 48 hours she gave birth to Aya.

Monday, January 12, 2009

President-elect Barack Obama countered critics with an analysis Saturday by his economic team showing that a program of tax cuts and spending like he's proposed would create up to 4.1 million jobs, far more than the 3 million he has insisted are needed to lift the country from recession.
Congressional Republicans reacted skeptically, just as Obama acknowledged that he would be forced to recant some of his campaign promises given the economic crisis facing the country. Even the president-elect's own economists acknowledged their two-year estimates could be wrong.
The 14-page analysis, which was posted online, says estimates are "subject to significant margins of error" — because of the assumptions that went into the economic models and because it is not known what might pass Congress.
"These numbers are a stark reminder that we simply cannot continue on our current path," Obama said in his weekly radio and You Tube broadcast address.
"If nothing is done, economists from across the spectrum tell us that this recession could linger for years and the unemployment rate could reach double digits — and they warn that our nation could lose the competitive edge that has served as a foundation for our strength and standing in the world," he said.
Obama has provided few details of his $775 billion plan so far. This fresh report does not include the specific construction of his tax cuts, the amounts dedicated to state aid or public works — key questions that Obama aides have closely held.
On Saturday, economic aides and advisers declined to lay out even rough estimates for the plan's components. They said they worked with broad instructions from Obama but didn't want to limit negotiations with congressional leaders by outlining their limits in public.
"I want to be realistic here. Not everything that we talked about during the campaign are we going to be able to do on the pace we had hoped," Obama told ABC's "This Week" for an interview set to air Sunday.
For a second time since his election, Obama increased the number of jobs his jobs program would create, taking the number to as many as 4.1 million jobs saved or created — a benchmark his critics charge cannot be measured. During the campaign, he promised only 1 million new jobs.
"We want to make sure it's not just a trillion-dollar spending bill, but something that actually can reach the goal that he has suggested," said Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate's top Republican.

The Union Government of India on Sunday announced a new three-member board for beleaguered Satyam Computer headed by top banker Deepak Parekh, Chairman of the Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), to steer the nation’s fourth-largest software company through its present crisis.
The two other directors are former Nasscom President Kiran Karnik and former presiding officer of the Securities appellate Tribunal and former SEBI member C. Achuthan
It will be an independent board with full authority to take decisions in the interest of the company.
The first priority of the new directors would be to restore confidence among the staff and clients of the company.

Physicists from Manipal University (India) claim they have perfected techniques which can detect the very early stages of cancer from blood or saliva samples.
The technique can detect oral, cervical, breast and ovarian cancer in the very early stages itself.
In the laser induced fluorescence (LIF) spectroscopy technique developed by them, a laser beam will be passed through the tissue. The molecules which include proteins, DNA, hormones and enzymes give their characteristic fluorescence spectrum. The spectrum of the tissue where the disease has started will be different from that of the normal tissues.
“There are specific markers for every cancer and we succeeded in detecting them” said lead researcher. He also said the protein profiling technique using the blood serum and saliva had succeeded in diagnosing 95 per cent of the cancer cases.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

More than one third of mothers who chose to undergo a repeat Caesarean section had their babies earlier than medical guidelines recommend, and the earlier the babies were born, the more likely they were to experience a medical complication like respiratory distress, a large study has found.
Although babies born by Caesarean section after just 37 weeks of pregnancy are considered full-term, the study found they were twice as likely to suffer complications as those born by Caesarean after 39 weeks. Infants born by Caesarean at 38 weeks were 50 percent more likely to have a medical problem than those born at 39 weeks. The complications included respiratory distress, infections, hypoglycemia, being admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit, or being hospitalized for five or more days.
The study, funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, was published on Thursday in The New England Journal of Medicine.
It is being released amid concern over the rising numbers of preterm births in the United States and the trend of many women and their physicians to schedule Caesarean deliveries, or C-sections, well in advance of the expected due date. Some 30 percent of deliveries were done by Caesarean section in 2006, up from 20.7 percent in 1996. About 40 percent of the 1.3 million Caesareans performed in the United States each year are repeat procedures, though not all are elective.
“There is an understanding that for a baby born at [full] term, the risks are really very low, and many people may just assume that outcomes at 37 weeks may be the same as at 39 weeks,” said Dr. Alan T.N. Tita, the paper’s lead author and an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “We know that is not true.”
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends elective Caesareans not be performed before the 39th week of pregnancy.

In an unequivocal strong message to Islamabad, an influential US lawmaker has asked Pakistan to "clean up" the terrorist training camps and bring to justice the perpetrators of the Mumbai attack.
This is the minimum he would expect from Islamabad in the aftermath of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, Senator Joseph I Lieberman, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs told reporters.
"They (Pakistani authorities)know where they (terrorists) are. We know, where they are. Sometimes, it is... people come in the camps... these are not military bases. They are quite temporary and can move out quickly. But we have to keep them on the run. And some of them are more than temporary," Senator Lieberman, who held a hearing on Mumbai terrorist attacks earlier in the day, said.
In this case, the minimum the Pakistani government can possibly do bring anyone associated with the Mumbai terrorists attack to justice. "They should be prosecuted in the court of law," the Senator asserted.
"It is very important that the Pakistani Government take actions so that no one can ever have any basis for charging or concluding that anyone in the Pakistan intelligence service has had contacts with terrorists," he said, adding "this is just unacceptable."
"There is still reason to believe, that President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani have taken against terrorism, because it threatens most immediately the people of Pakistan," he said, adding: "unfortunately there appears to be some continuing contacts."

Beleaguered Satyam on Thursday embarked on a major damage control exercise to pull itself from the brink, pushed to by founder Ramalinga. A press conference after the resignation of Ramalinga Raju, at Satyam campus in Hyderabad.
Arranging liquidity, assuaging fears of 53,000 employees and continuing the existing business would be its top priority.
Not ruling out initiating action against Raju or the auditors PwC for its complicity in fudging of accounts, the acting CEO Ram Mynampati said every possible action would be considered against Raju, who quit as chairman after making startling revelations on corporate India's biggest fraud entailing about Rs 7,800 crore.
Aimed at preventing panic exodus of highly talented workforce and top management, the interim CEO said that the December'08 salaries has been paid and the management would be focusing on arranging funds, which at the present juncture was a cause for concern.
"Some outstanding payment to vendors is yet to be made... we are verifying the liquidity and balance sheet... we have to raise liquidity in near term and are confident of raising it," said Mynampati, while adding that his appointment was legal.
On the financial irregularities disclosed by former Satyam Chairman Ramalinga Raju, Mynampati said the team was not yet in a position to answer these issues, as it is still ascertaining disclosures made by Ramalinga Raju and trying to correct financial irregularities.
He said the regulatory bodies have already started their inspection and a team of market regulator SEBI was in Satyam talking to associates.
He said the company has started to actively reach out to customers globally and has been heartened to receive strong expressions of confidence and Readers react support from them.
"Our top 100 clients account for 80 per cent of Satyam's revenues," he said, adding that the top priority would be to clear pending contracts and continue with the business as usual.
Satyam is in the process of finding new investment banker as soon as possible to pursue strategic options left with the company and also expand the Board, which is now left with only three members including Mynampati.
Shareholders would be consulted on whatever options there are before the company, he said to a question on whether the company would explore merging or being taken over.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sathyam Computer Services Ltd’s chief, B. Ramalinga Raju, ambushed investors and Corporate India on Wednesday, admitting to long-running fraud of about Rs.8,000/- crores in accounting and said the company did not have the money that it had claimed it had. He resigned later, saying his last-ditch efforts to fill the “fictitious assets with real ones” through the attempt to acquire Maytas failed.
This not the first time that the founder of Satyam Computers, Mr. B Ramalinga Raju, pushed his company into trouble leaving the employees high and dry. Even before he emerged as a global business leader in the IT sector, Mr. Raju earned the dubious distinction of declaring his company “sick”, leaving hundreds of his employees in the Lurch. During his early days of his career, Mr. Raju setup a spinning and weaving mill called Sri Satyam Spinning and Weaving Mills Ltd. at Narasapur (Andhra Pradesh – India). After running it for more than a decade, he declared it “sick” citing financial losses.
Satyam Computers had a strong brand image and good will of their customers. Their employees were well respected in the market. Most head-hunters sought profiles from Satyam for their prestigious clients. It is the time to get past the setback, especially for the 53,000 employees. While the numerous shareholders would also be keen to see their assets revive. The employees of Satyam should face this set back with a rational mind and continue their good work to meet, and exceed, customer expectations and thereby putting back Satyam again on Major It sector.

Contrary to the common belief, physical activity may not be as important for weight loss as is diet, says a new study.
"Decreased physical activity may not be the primary driver of the obesity epidemic," said the study.
Physical activity has many proven benefits. It strengthens bones and muscles, improves mental health and mood, lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, breast cancer and colon cancer.
The study said that people burn more calories when they exercise but that gets compensates by eating more.
We would love to say that physical activity has a positive effect on weight control, but that does not appear to be the case.
Diet is a more likely explanation than physical activity expenditure.

Warning that the Mumbai attacks, in which the terrorists targeted public places, could become a "model" for future terror strikes, Britain's Intelligence service MI5 chief has said his agency has uncovered links between the gunmen who struck in the Indian metropolis and the UK.
Jonathan Evans, in a rare interaction with the media, said the terrorists, who attacked Mumbai in November, had indirect links with Britain.
"We have looked at individuals' communications, where they have been and so on and found they have got connections with most countries including the UK, but not of national security significance," he said.
But the MI5 director general warned that Mumbai could become a model for future terrorist attacks in the same "iconic" way as September 11 strikes in the US.
"If the method used in Mumbai of using firearms in public places becomes adopted as a model, it changes our most likely scenarios," he added.
Evans said that scores of British Muslims were still travelling to terror training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan every year. Others are travelling to lawless areas of Somalia.
The main threats to Britain come from al-Qaeda's core in Pakistan and their "assets in this country," he said.
"We continue to believe that the ability lies in Pakistan to attack the UK," Evans said, adding that 75 per cent of their investigations have connections with Pakistan.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Executives at Microsoft Corp and Google Inc are the largest contributors among technology companies to Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration festivities. Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steven Ballmer, his wife Connie, and company executive Steven VanRoekel all gave the individual maximum of $50,000 to the inaugural committee, which organizes events around the Jan 20 swearing-in. Contributions from those affiliated with the company totaled $200,250, according to the committee’s Web site.
Six Google executives, including co-founder Larry Page and chief executive officer Eric Schmidt, gave a total of $150,000, or $25,000 each. Schmidt also campaigned for Obama. Google, based in Mountain View, California, and Microsoft, located in Redmond, Washington, compete in the Internet-search market.
The inaugural committee raised more than $24 million in total, money that will pay for receptions, dinners and formal balls. Obama will become the first black president in US history next month and the first Democrat to take the office in eight years.
Charles Phillips, president of Oracle Corp, also contributed, donating $50,000. In addition to funding parties, the committee’s money will pay for giant television screens on the National Mall, letting visitors watch Obama take the oath of office.
While there are no legal limits on donations to inauguration planners, the Obama committee limited individual contributions to $50,000, a fifth of the $250,000 maximum established by President George W Bush’s committee four years ago. The group has set $300,000 as the maximum that any one person can raise.

China has launched a nationwide crackdown against websites that officials accused of spreading pornography and threatening youth morals, including the big search engines Google and Baidu.
China's Ministry of Public Security and six other government agencies announced the campaign at a meeting today, state television news reported. Officials were shown taking away digital equipment from one office.
The report said officials "decided to launch a nationwide campaign to clean up a vulgar current on the Internet and named and exposed a large number of violating public morality and harming the physical and mental health of youth and young people."
Baidu dominates the Chinese Web search and advertising market with an estimated two-thirds of the audience. Google Inc, the global market leader, is a distant number two in China.

Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) apparently has plans to destabilize India by influencing developments in the north and west of the country, particularly in Mumbai as a part of its multi-pronged strategy.
Terrorists arrested in Jammu have made these revelations.
According to an article published in the latest issue of the Power Politics magazine, the ISI has circulated two maps to the Pakistan Army to boost troop morale by giving them a target to destabilize India by 2020.
One of the maps targets North India, and projects a desire to convert that region into 'Islamic Republic of Pakistan' by 2020. It mentions South India as disputed territory and treats Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal as its neighbouring countries. The other map indicates a drastic change of Mumbai's topography, turning the metropolis into 'Muslimabad' by 2012.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Human hair, discarded in barber shops, can become a good fertilizer when combined with compost. Researchers at the Mississippi State University have published a study designed to determine whether commercially available noncomposted hair waste cubes would support plant growth in horticulture crops as a sole source of nutrients.
The study compared the productivity of lettuce, wormwood, yellow poppy, and feverfew, grown in commercial growth medium, noncomposted hair cubes of differing weights, a controlled-release fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizers.
Results of the study showed that with the addition of hair waste cubes, yields increased to the untreated control but were lower than yields in the inorganic treatments, suggesting that hair waste should not be used as a single source for fast-growing plants such as lettuce.The study appeared on the ASHS HortTechnology electronic journal website.

There is good news for job seekers in India, with the companies planning to hire more that 250,000 new employees over the next months -- making the New Year a welcome change from the gloom of 2008 in the job market.
While the proposed over 2.5 lakh hiring is mostly for the financial services industry, the industry experts believe that the overall job market scenario is also set for recovery in the second half of the year.
Topping the list of the companies planning to hire big include public sector banking giants as well as insurance firms. Even some BPOs are planning to hire thousands of people in the coming days.

Move over chemotherapy and radiation; nanotechnology is the new cure for cancer without any side effects, claims scientists at the Cochin University of Science and Technology, (CUSAT) India.
Scientists the world over are working overtime to develop magnetic hyperthermia where super paramagnetic particles will be used to kill cancer cells.
Though chemotherapy and radiation were used to kill cancerous cells they were harmful to healthy cells and cause permanent damage to the body. Scientists at the CUSAT and elsewhere in the world are trying to develop a super paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle (SPION) for cancer treatment.
The SPIONS will be functionalized (strengthened) with a chemical reagent and administered intravenously. Iron in its nano form became super paramagnetic in nature and this held hope to humanity.

The global economic turmoil may be forcing shops to slash prices, but European football clubs won’t be expecting similar winter bargains when January transfer window opens on Thursday. Even West Ham, with their owner facing bankruptcy due to collapse of Iceland’s banking sector, say they won’t be selling their best talent on the cheap.
Likewise, even though Manchester City are now bankrolled by wealthy Arab investors, manager Mark Hughes has said he won’t be embarking on unchecked spending free – despite being linked with many of the world’s best players from Kaka to Lionel Messi. City broke the British transfer record to bring in $50 million Brazil striker Robinho on the last day of the September transfer window as Abu Dhabi united were finalizing their purchase of the underachieving club.
“We are aware of this assumption about the level of finance that we’ll throw at the project in January, but we still have realistic market values. There is also an assumption that we will stimulate the market, that the money sloshing around will be from the deals that we have started, but we have to make sure we protect the club as well.” Hughes said.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Less than three weeks before being sworn in as US President, Barack Obama secured the highest marks for a President-elect since 1981 for his strong and decisive leadership, a national poll says.This is the best number an incoming president has gotten since Ronald Reagan took office in 1981.

Alaska governer Sarah Palin's 2009 calendar has become a surprising best seller. The claendars, whose cover features Ms Palin with a gun, have emerged as the most popular office product in The calendar contains 50 candid photos of Ms Palain.

Thanks to an innovation from British Engineers, cement, a vast source of planet-warming carbon dioxide (CO2), could be tranformed into a means of stripping the green house gas from the atmosphere. According to a report in the Guardian, Mr.Nikolaos Vlasopoulos, Chief Scientist at London-based Novacem, made the invention.
The new environment-friendly formulation means the cement industry could change from being a significant emiter to a significant absorber of CO2.

Researchers have developed a technique to transplant insulin-producing pancreatic cells that will open up ways to treat type-1 diabetes. Type-1 diabetes is an incurable autoimmune disease in which the immune system mistakenly destroys the body's own pancreatic beta cells.
Beta cells produce insulin, which breaks down sugar, or glucose, for use by the body. Without these cells, too much glucose builds up in the blood.
High blood glucose levels damage cells and can eventually lead to complications such as heart disease, kidney disease, blindness and premature death.
Presently, cell transplantation therapy is limited because transplant recipients are forced to take powerful immunosuppressent medications that leave toxic side effects and rise the risk of infections.
A promising alternative to insulin injections is cellular transplantation, in which beta cells are harvested from cadavers and injected into the bloodstream of the patients with diabetes; the new cells replace the recipients destroyed pancreatic beta cells.

Making self-improvement New Year's resolutions often leaves peoples feeling worse, the British mental health charity Mind warned.
Mind urged people not to make resolutions focussing on physical imperfections such as attempting to lose weight because they create a negative self image and lead to feelings of low self-esteem and hopelessness.And when such optimistic resolutions fail, that could spark feelings of inadequacy and failure, the charity warned.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Bangladesh wants good neighbourly relations with India so that problems such as poverty and terrorism can be tackled in a spirit of cooperation across the subcontinent, Bangladesh's Prime Minister-elect Sheikh Hasina Wajed told. "It is a victory of democracy,secularism,peace...the people of Bangladesh today long for a better life and a prosperous nation" she added.
It would be music to the ears of Bangladesh watchers in the subcontinent, Ms Wajed signalled her keenness to tap foreign investment. She also declared her intent to form a South Asian joint task force to combat terrorism.
In her victory speech in Dhaka, she said she will not allow Bangladesh soil to be used as a breeding ground to train terrorists.

Just a second,2009. It's going to take a little longer to say good-bye to a grim economic year, but all for good cause.
The custodians of time will ring in the New year by tacking a "leap second" onto the clock on Wednesday to account for the minute slowing of the earth's rotation. The leap second has been used sporadically at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich since 1972, an adjustment that has kept Greenwhich Mean Time the internationally agreed time standard. Some scientists now
say GMT should be replaced by international Atomic Time, computed outside Paris, because new technologies have allowed atomic time to tick away with down-to-the-nanosecond accuracy.
But opponents say atomic time's very precision poses a problem. A strict measurement, they say, would change our very notion of time forever, as atomic clocks would one day outpace with familiar cycle of sunrise and sunset.
The time warp wouldn't be noticeable for generations, but within a millennium, noon, the hour associated with the Sun's highest point in the sky, would occur around 1 o'clock. In tens of thousands of years, the Sun would be days behind the human calendar. That bothers analysts at the Univesity of California.

In a miraculous case of survival in London, a girl who had almost one third of her heart removed in a life saving operation has astonished doctors by showing full recovery. Now 10 years old, Kirsty Collier was born with abnormal blood vessels, which starved her heart of oxygen, and was on the verge of death.

Indian IT major TCS on Wednesday announced that it has completed the acquisition of Citigroup Global Services, the india based captive business process outsourcing company, for $512 million. Besides, TCS will provide process outsourcing services to Citi and its affiliates worth $2.5 billion over a peroid of 9.5 years.